August 2021

The Peruvian Amazon Research Institute (IIAP) signs an agreement with the Amazon Biodiversity Association (Asociación de Biodiversidad de la Amazonía)

One of the most renowned research institutes in the Peruvian Amazon joins the concession to strengthen activities in the area. This first agreement should lead to specific agreements for the implementation of conservation activities, agroforestry, sustainable fishing and commercialisation of forest products.

“The agreement was signed at the IIAP headquarters in Iquitos by its president, Dr. Carmen García Dávila, and the president of Biodiversidad Amazónica, Lotty Del Carmen Morey Amacifuén. The objectives of the agreement also include the promotion of environmental education, the formulation of cooperation projects and capacity building, in order to promote the integral sustainable development of the Amazonian population, especially in the provinces of Requena and Ucayali”.

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