November 2021

“Sumate al Bosque” Festival

The first edition of the “Sumate al Bosque” festival took place on 30 and 31 October 2021 in the villages of Mahuizo and Selva Alegre (Ucayali province, Loreto region). This event aims to promote the alternatives that exist for conservation, both socially and economically, and environmentally. 
Organised by the association Biodiversité Amazonienne and the NGO Envol Vert, the event was a great success. More than 90 families joined the event and enjoyed the games, exhibitions and tastings offered.

The event presented the work done by different public and private entities in terms of economic alternatives in a concrete, practical and fun way.

  • Sustainable aguaje – awareness raising on aguajal conservation, exhibition of similar projects and aguaje climbing demonstration/competition with prizes. Pacaya Samiria Reserve
  • Diversified agroforestry – importance of trees, field application and collective work methodology Envol Vert Peru
  • Timber and artisanal use – product samples and field application Katahua Peru
  • Sustainable fisheries – sustainable management of fisheries resources, examples of similar projects and working methodology IIAP
  • Conservation and endangered species – photographic exhibition of the concession and the work of the reserve, workshop for children and award ceremony. Envol Vert Peru
  • Flavours of the Amazon – tasting of forest products such as jams, oils, chocolates and cocktails 

This event represents the closing of a project that has been carried out for 2 years to raise awareness among community members about the protection of endangered species, while officially launching two field projects dedicated to sustainable economic alternatives: the sustainable use of aguaje and the planting of diversified agroforestry systems with riparian communities.

October 2021

Yves Rocher Foundation awards ceremony for the winners of the TERRE DE FEMMES 2021 competition

Terre de Femmes has awarded nearly 500 women in 50 countries over the past 20 years. And at the time of the anniversary edition of the prize, it is the president of the association Biodiversité-Amazonienne, Lotty Morey, who is awarded the 2nd prize.

The Yves Rocher Foundation has been committed to preserving biodiversity since 1991, and is launching the first edition of the Prix terre des Femmes, rewarding the commitment of women acting in favour of the environment.

“Lotty is committed on a daily basis to the protection and conservation of the environment of the Yanayacu-Maquia nature reserve, a treasure trove of biodiversity located in the Peruvian forest. Since 2006, Lotty has planted more than 30,000 trees of endemic species with local communities.

More than just the possession of a prize and the benefit of financial support, Lotty becomes part of a committed community: regular meetings, workshops, gatherings around thematic conferences, mornings of sharing with other structures, the Terre de Femmes community is a form of empowerment for women.

Lotty travelled to France to collect her award together with her co-winners, Naomi Flaga-Madegan and Joanne Boachon.

The replay of the ceremony is available here.

September : fishing for fishermen

In August the park rangers of the Concession for the Conservation of the Yanayacu Maquia reserve are not resting on their laurels.

Increasingly determined poachers made numerous attempts to enter the area in search of paiche (Arapaima gigas) and other fish species. A dozen of them were evicted during an intervention in the Romaina.

Fortunately, Ivan and his team are not short of ideas and have reinforced the floating barriers, an ingenious system that has already proved its worth and which allows them to gain time to go and look for reinforcements during intrusions.

On the Maquia side the situation is as critical and the police had to intervene to reinforce the work carried out in this area. This intervention is very much appreciated by the rangers and usually has a considerable impact on the determination of the poachers, at least for a few months.

August 2021

The Peruvian Amazon Research Institute (IIAP) signs an agreement with the Amazon Biodiversity Association (Asociación de Biodiversidad de la Amazonía)

One of the most renowned research institutes in the Peruvian Amazon joins the concession to strengthen activities in the area. This first agreement should lead to specific agreements for the implementation of conservation activities, agroforestry, sustainable fishing and commercialisation of forest products.

“The agreement was signed at the IIAP headquarters in Iquitos by its president, Dr. Carmen García Dávila, and the president of Biodiversidad Amazónica, Lotty Del Carmen Morey Amacifuén. The objectives of the agreement also include the promotion of environmental education, the formulation of cooperation projects and capacity building, in order to promote the integral sustainable development of the Amazonian population, especially in the provinces of Requena and Ucayali”.

More Information

July 2021

The Conservation serving the local economy

The Concession team is busy launching economic alternatives projects, an ideal opportunity to celebrate the transition from the work done over the past two years on endangered species conservation.

For the past two years, Steffanny Bashi, a forestry engineer from Envol Vert, has been going into the field to promote the protection and recovery of threatened tree species such as mahogany and cumula. After several visits to the CCYM, Steffanny has succeeded in establishing a relationship of trust with the communities bordering the reserve. These numerous workshops on conservation awareness, recognition of threatened trees and identification of sustainable economic alternatives related to these species provided an opportunity to meet and continue activities. In addition to the economic alternatives identified, her work has highlighted the needs and desires of the communities, a work that has helped to broaden the scope of possible socio-economic development projects in favour of conservation.

Internal bark and latex of quinilla roja
(Manilkara bidentata)

This October will see the first conservation-related economic alternatives Féria in the CCYM. This will be an ideal opportunity to present the many sustainable business opportunities offered by the reserve to the local inhabitants in a more formal and entertaining way, while at the same time reinforcing learning about endangered species. We hope that this event will respond to their request and motivate the inhabitants to work together for the conservation of this exceptional site.

June 2021

Lotty Morey with the French Ambassador to Peru and the Peruvian Minister of the Environment

On 4 June, Lotty Morey, President of Amazon Biodiversity, spoke at a conference on France’s contribution to protecting the Amazon. Alongside the French Ambassador to Peru and the Peruvian Minister of the Environment, the President of the association recalled the association’s missions and their importance in protecting the Amazon and supporting local communities.

She was able to highlight the three main areas of work of Amazon Biodiversity: conservation, scientific research and development of economic alternatives. This intervention should allow the association to be identified by major actors in the environmental protection sector, and to develop new projects and partnerships!

Watch the conference again

May 2021

Successful outreach to communities in the concession!

This month, Charlene, Lotty and Steffanny (Envol Vert’s forestry engineer) went to the Conservation Concession to carry out outreach workshops with the different communities in the area. The workshops focused on the status and importance of the Yanayacu Maquia Conservation Concession and the services it provides to the environment and biodiversity.

Despite uneven participation rates in different communities, the workshops were generally successful. People seemed interested and involved in the project. Children and women in particular made themselves available for these collective sessions.

In addition, we were able to present the upcoming agroforestry and crop diversification projects that Biodiversité Amazonienne and Envol Vert intend to implement. The projects seemed to be well received, and the inhabitants motivated to participate in the training and awareness-raising activities.

While Lotty and Charlene had to leave the concession after a few days, Steffanny will remain on site to continue the socio-economic and agricultural diagnosis of the area, while carrying out awareness-raising activities.

April 2021

New checkpoint and barrier to combat poachers

A few months ago, we launched the construction of a fourth checkpoint within the concession. This checkpoint was placed in a strategic location on the Yanayacu River: at the entrance to the Camungo stream. Below the checkpoint, we also placed a floating barrier to prevent poachers from entering the concession.

This month we returned to check the condition of the area. As a result, the checkpoint and the floating fence have been very effective. No poachers were able to get through, and the animals, fish and timber were protected on this side of the concession!

We were also able to talk to the communities near the area who were very excited about this new victory. According to them, the wildlife will be able to reproduce in the absence of poachers! From now on, our teams will continue to monitor the area carefully.

March 2021

Lotty Morey, President of the association, laureate of the Terres de Femmes prize for her commitment to the Amazon

We are very proud to announce that Lotty Morey, President of the Amazon Biodiversity Association, has been awarded the Terres de Femmes prize for her fight to preserve the Amazon forest. The winners of this prize awarded by the Yves Rocher Foundation are women who “work for biodiversity and to change the world”.

A beautiful video is worth a thousand words, so let’s (re-)discover the work of our association, with some magnificent landscapes as a bonus!

February 2021

Accident in the Ampicocha Lagoon

This month we publish an anecdote from the logbook of Lotty Morey, president of the Amazon Biodiversity Association. Because not everything is rosy, we also wanted to share with you some of the difficulties faced by members of the field team. Today, we tell you the story of Ivan, the concession’s main ranger, who faced complications due to bad weather.

Ivan, accompanied by 2 assistants, went to the Romayna Creek to evict hunters and loggers in search of commercial trees that no longer exist outside the concession. There was a big storm, the water in the lake got rough and the boat flipped over with the engine and all the equipment in it. They were then rescued by 3 people from the Florida community located on the shores of the lake. After several dozen minutes, they were able to turn the boat around. They recovered the engine full of water.

Ivan dived several times to try to retrieve his backpack containing his mobile phone, bills, maps and other important items. He was trapped in a space on the boat, which fortunately remained dry.

However, he was unable to retrieve the bag containing important equipment: pliers, keys, spark plugs and other equipment that must be carried on every long journey. The staff escaped with a few bruises, fortunately not serious. However, the engine was unusable. It was repaired a few days later, allowing Ivan to continue to deter poachers from the concession.