January 2022

Launch of the Agroforestry project in Mahuizo

About twenty inhabitants are busy in Mahuizo: they have been carrying earth, shovels and wheelbarrows for several days to build the “Vivero Agroforestal de Mahuizo“. This nursery is the one of the agroforestry project in which they have decided to participate, and it will allow them to recover Camu-Camu, Aguaje, Toronja, citric and Caoba plants at the end. From December 2021 to April 2022, the participants will come to the four-week agroforestry training programme launched by Biodiversité Amazonienne and Envol Vert.

For the first time, this programme is offered to a community living near the Yanayacu Maquia Conservation Concession. The aim is to train them in agroforestry so that they can cultivate their plots by adding the benefits of trees to their usual crops. Agroforestry makes it possible to combine agriculture and trees to obtain considerable economic, social and ecological benefits. Agroforestry allows for better soil protection, diversification of crops and therefore food, improved production, creation of carbon sinks… It offers an important economic alternative to the inhabitants living near the Concession.

The first two stages of the project have been a great success. The group is enthusiastically involved in the work of building the nursery and in the training provided by the forestry engineer Maximo. Many children are also involved in the project, curious and eager to help. 

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