February 2022

Visit to the Concession

During the week of 21 February, a group of Concession stakeholders visited the Yanayacu-Maquia Concession to greet the authorities of the different communities, to see the work of the Mahuizo participants in the agroforestry project and to visit the forest guards and praise their work. This outing was also an opportunity to formalise the handover and the creation of new posts at Envol Vert.

A group composed mostly of people visiting the concession for the first time:

  • Daisy Tarrier, director and founder of Envol Vert.
  • Marion Imbert, new coordinator in Peru for Envol Vert
  • Milenka Rojas Ramirez, new CCYM coordinator for Envol Vert
  • Charlène Lainé, former coordinator of Envol Vert Peru and CCYM
  • Lotty Morey, president and founder of Biodiversité Amazonienne

They boarded the Odin in Pucallpa and spent a night on the Ucayali River before arriving in Mahuizo in the morning. This was an opportunity to tour the village and visit the SAF project nursery with Marcial, the project manager, and other participants from the group who had been invited to participate in phase 3 of the project.

They then visited other local communities and spoke with the authorities of Santa Lucia, Selva Alegre and Nueva Florida as they gradually made their way to the entrance of the Concession.

Accompanied by Ivan, the group was able to visit the various garitas, especially in Chonta, Bolainal and Camungo. Long days, often in the rain, travelling by boat through the lush biodiversity of the concession, and being able to see whole groups of monkeys passing overhead.

A word from Lotty: “I am delighted that the director of Envol Vert found the Mahuizo nursery “the best in Peru of all Envol Vert’s projects” and also that she was able to see the difficulties of the actions and the scope of the Yanayacu-Maquîa Conservation Concession“.

Marion thus replaces Charlene in her role as Envol Vert’s Peru coordinator, and Milenka takes on the brand new position of Envol Vert’s CCYM coordinator, both for a 2-year period for the time being.

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