November 2021

“Sumate al Bosque” Festival

The first edition of the “Sumate al Bosque” festival took place on 30 and 31 October 2021 in the villages of Mahuizo and Selva Alegre (Ucayali province, Loreto region). This event aims to promote the alternatives that exist for conservation, both socially and economically, and environmentally. 
Organised by the association Biodiversité Amazonienne and the NGO Envol Vert, the event was a great success. More than 90 families joined the event and enjoyed the games, exhibitions and tastings offered.

The event presented the work done by different public and private entities in terms of economic alternatives in a concrete, practical and fun way.

  • Sustainable aguaje – awareness raising on aguajal conservation, exhibition of similar projects and aguaje climbing demonstration/competition with prizes. Pacaya Samiria Reserve
  • Diversified agroforestry – importance of trees, field application and collective work methodology Envol Vert Peru
  • Timber and artisanal use – product samples and field application Katahua Peru
  • Sustainable fisheries – sustainable management of fisheries resources, examples of similar projects and working methodology IIAP
  • Conservation and endangered species – photographic exhibition of the concession and the work of the reserve, workshop for children and award ceremony. Envol Vert Peru
  • Flavours of the Amazon – tasting of forest products such as jams, oils, chocolates and cocktails 

This event represents the closing of a project that has been carried out for 2 years to raise awareness among community members about the protection of endangered species, while officially launching two field projects dedicated to sustainable economic alternatives: the sustainable use of aguaje and the planting of diversified agroforestry systems with riparian communities.

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