January 2020

At the beginning of this year, the park warden teams are reinforcing their vigilance tools and setting up floating barriers at the entrances to the reserve, the most coveted of which is undoubtedly located in the Romayna sector.

The Romayna is a breeding ground for arahuana paiche, an endemic fish whose size and price attract many fishermen to this isolated and particularly well-preserved area. The fish grow happily and the paiche sometimes reach more than 1.5m. In this area there are still trees, often centuries old, of species that unfortunately no longer exist outside the reserve. The shihuahuaco and the mahogany are the first victims of this intensive and uncontrolled pruning.

This year the pressure on the area is greater than ever, the country’s economic situation is weakened by the ongoing health crisis and many people in the region are looking for ways to make a living. To date, several park guard expeditions have already taken place to dislodge the offenders, all with success.

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