November 2020

The future of the forest lies (also) with the younger generation

More than 65 children took part in Steffanny’s afternoon of discovery and relaxation around the theme of conservation. The children of Mahuizo and Santa Lucia were able to share their feelings and their vision of the environments they live in during collective awareness-raising activities in the open air.

From an early age they are aware of the world around them and their interdependence with the biodiversity present. The parents, often hunters, fishermen, farmers or foresters, all live off what the forest offers them. A relationship that sometimes tends to diminish the present resources that are essential for the survival of local communities.

Over the course of several afternoons we were able to laugh and exchange life stories with them, highlighting their relationship with nature. A moment of playful reflection to highlight the richness of the exceptional environment of the reserve and the economic and social interest that its conservation represents for these villages.

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